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Kidde Fyrnetics

Kidde is division as well as a brand of United Technologies Corporation, a group of companies specialized in the manufacturing and distribution of fire extinguishers and detectors. The company was started in the year 1917 by Walter Kidde. During the early 1920s the company experienced huge growth that culminated in the extension of its services in Britain by setting up the first branch at Colnbrook in 1935. It was then acquired by William Holdings in 1989 to form Kidde Graviner, and after successful operation, the company acquired Dunford Hepburn in 1993. Kidde later on demerged from William holdings in 2000, and then became a subsidiary of United Technologies Corporation in 2005 where it was combined with other some other William Holdings businesses to form what is now known as UTC Fire and Security.

For a period of more than ninety years, Kidde Fyrnetics has been delivering fire and carbon monoxide safety services and products to consumers all over the world. These services cover aspects such as the detection, protection, prevention and fire as well as combating it once it occurs.

Kidde Fyrnetics will from April 1st 2012 start distributing its latest invention, a ten year guaranteed battery carbon monoxide alarm installed with sealed in lithium ion batteries. This product comes in two versions, digital and non digital. This gadget has a tapper resistant back plate thus making it an ideal choice for installation in all types of houses. Other kinds of detectors include the AC mains interconnectable carbon monoxide alarm that uses smart interconnect, a feature that allows communication between different detectors installed in different stories.

Kidde Fyrnetics smart interconnect has a prominent advantage over other brands of carbon monoxide detectors. In a situation whereby one CO alarm detects the presence of the gas, it will sound an alarm, as will all the rest of the alarms, thus ensuring that even if a carbon monoxide leak takes place in the absence of anyone in the room, all the other occupants will know since their alarms will go off as well. The same case applies to both Kidde Fyrnetics smoke and heat alarms. If one alarms goes off, all the others follow suit. The maximum number of alarms that can be connected this way is eighteen. Kidde smoke and carbon monoxide alarms can be fitted with add ons such as the Kidde Fyrnetics Strobe Light that makes visual alerts for people for those with hearing problems or deaf people.

The benefits of interconnecting separate carbon monoxide in conjunction with smoke and heat alarms include the assurance of wide area protection, maximum heat, fire or CO detection and prompt notification system. Apart from detectors, Kidde Fyrnetics also manufactures and distributes fire blankets, escape ladders and fire extinguishers. The fire blankets are mainly designed for all kitchen environments in such a way that they can safely and effectively be used to cover burning cutleries and utensils such as pans. The blankets drapes around the burning item thus restricting the flow of oxygen which results in dying out of the fire.